Be Not Afraid

My thoughts as I studied the feeding of the 5,000, Jesus and Peter walking on the water and more.

Quotes used in this episode

“A major reason this church has grown from its humble beginnings to its current strength is the faithfulness and devotion of millions of humble and devoted people who have only fives loaves and two small fishes to offer in the service of the Master.”

-James E. Faust

“Don’t worry about Christ running out of ability to help you. His grace is sufficient. That is the spiritual, eternal lesson of the feeding of the 5,000”

-Jeffrey R. Holland

“In moment of greatest extremity they looked and saw in the darkness an image in a fluttering robe, walking toward them on the ridges of the sea. They cried out in terror at the sight, thinking that it was a phantom that walked upon the waves. And through the storm and darkness to them- as so often to us, when amid the darknesses of life, the ocean seems so great and our little boats so small-there came the ultimate and reassuring voice of peace with this simple declaration, ‘It is I be not afraid’ “

“ At such times when we feel the floods are threatening to drown us and the deep is going to swallow up the tossed vessel of our faith, I pray we may always hear amid the storm and the darkness that sweet utterance of the Savior of the world: ‘Be of good cheer; it is I;be not afraid’ “

-Howard W. Hunter

2 thoughts on “Be Not Afraid

  1. No new post up this week… hope your doing okay. I’ve only just found your podcast and I’ve been listening through them all. Thanks for “ministering” to me, a random stranger, in this way!


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