I Am the Good Shepherd

In this episode I get to talk about the first scripture story that ever came alive for me , the one that sparked my love for scripture study. My focus will be on the woman taken in adultery and the man born blind.

Quotes I use in this episode

“It is true that we are commanded to love and honor others. But what’s false is this idea that you or I deserve that love and devotion–that we are somehow entitled to it. The truth is that there is only one thing we truly deserve, and that’s to be sent to hell–you…..me….all of us.

“Hell is all we could ever hope for…if it weren’t for the redeeming power of the Savior’s Atonement. It is only his love offered not because we deserve it but even though we do not, that saves us. We don’t want what we deserve, believe me….Our only hope is to receive what we don’t deserve–the mercy that bring the gift of eternal life.”

-James L. Ferrell

“There is little room for feelings of guilt in connection with handicaps. Some handicaps may result from carelessness or abuse, and some through addiction of parents. But most of them do not. Afflictions come to the innocent.”

-Boyd K. Packer

“Now sight had been given twice-once to remedy a congenital defect and once to behold the King of Kings before He would ascend to His eternal throne. Jesus had quickened both temporal and spiritual vision.”

-Howard W. Hunter

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