It Is Finished

With my two biggest helpers away at scout camp this week, this episode was hard for me to find the time to complete. It was worth the struggle. I got completely caught up in wanting to understand and feeling compassion for Pilate. Listen as I share what I thought and felt as we studied about Jesus time spent in captivity and on the cross.

Quotes used in this episode

“As far as we know, Herod is distinguished as the only being who saw Christ face to face and spoke to him, yet never heard his voice. For penitent sinners, weeping women, prattling children, for the scribes, the Pharisees, the Sadducess, the rabbis, for the perjured high priest and his obsequious and insolent underling, and for Pilate the pagan, Christ had words–of comfort or instruction, of warning or rebuke, of protest or denunciation–yet for Herod the fox he had but disdainful and kingly silence.”

-James E. Talmage

“The cross was regarded as the most horrible and most degrading form of punishment, fit only for slaves. ‘It is an outrage for a Roman citizen to be bound; a crime for him to be scourged. It is almost parricide to have him put to death. What can I call have him crucified? No word can be found adequate to describe so monstrous a proceeding’”


“The Holy of Holies is now open to all and all, through the atoning blood of the Lamb, can now enter into the highest and holiest of all places…”

-Bruce R. McConkie

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