Hey there! Have you been wondering what the heck happened to me? Here’s an explanation and an experience I’ve recently had that strengthened my testimony.
The view from my trailer’s front porch at the “good enough” spot
The boys (big and small) had a blast catching frogs and salamanders then letting them go again.
One of my poorly captured wildflower meadows, when you were there it was a solid sea of yellow flowers across the ground.
Between the baby girl and the view in the background, does it get any better?
The campsite we paid for, but couldn’t get to with the trailer.

One thought on “Wildflowers

  1. Thank you so much for putting up this podcast. As I listened, I almost couldn’t believe the similarities between the two of us (almost 😉). I know exactly what you are feeling right now, as I have had similar feelings this summer also expecting my fifth. Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience to help uplift others.
    On a side note, my husband is a horticulturalist and happens to have so many books about plants, including one on native wildflowers to the Rocky Mountains. I couldn’t sleep this morning and decided to look in it for fun. Here is the list I came up with. 💕
    Common Flower Names
    – Lily: Lily of the Valley, Sego Lily
    – Iris: Rocky Mountain Iris
    – Rose: Rosa woodsii
    – Violet: Yellow Violet
    – Primrose: Evening Primrose, Oenothea heterantha, Parry Primrose
    – Laurel: Swamp Laurel
    – Jacob: Jacob’s Ladder
    – Daisy: Showy Daisy, Cutleaf Daisy
    – Aster: Alpine Aster, Thickstem Aster, Engelmann Aster
    – Parry: Parry Townsendia

    Not-so-common Flower Names
    – Camas: Camas (Cami for short)
    – Alpine: Alpine Aster, Alpine Buttercup,Alpine Forget-me-not, Alpine Sunflower
    – Arnica
    – Valerian: (call her Valerie)
    -Wyethia: White Wyethia
    – Gromwell
    – Phacelia: Silky Phacelia
    – Gentain: Green Gentain, Mountain Gentain, Western Fringed Gentain
    – Collomia
    – Clarkia: (or Clark)
    – Avens: Mountain-Avens, Long-Plummer Avens
    – Whitlow: Whitlow-Grass
    – Lewisia: (Or Lewis)
    – Sorrel: Mountain Sorrel
    – Asphodel: False Asphodel
    – Fritillary: Yellow Fritillary


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