Hey there! Have you been wondering what the heck happened to me? Here’s an explanation and an experience I’ve recently had that strengthened my testimony.
The view from my trailer’s front porch at the “good enough” spot
The boys (big and small) had a blast catching frogs and salamanders then letting them go again.
One of my poorly captured wildflower meadows, when you were there it was a solid sea of yellow flowers across the ground.
Between the baby girl and the view in the background, does it get any better?
The campsite we paid for, but couldn’t get to with the trailer.

He Is Risen

 He is not here: for He is risen. “These are the most reassuring words in all of human history. Death–universal and final–had now been conquered… 
“Never had this occurred before. There had been only death without hope. Now there was life eternal.” -Gordon B. Hinckley

Quotes used in this episode

He is not here: for He is risen. “These are the most reassuring words in all of human history. Death–universal and final–had now been conquered… 
“Never had this occurred before. There had been only death without hope. Now there was life eternal.” -Gordon B. Hinckley

“The World would never have been stirred by men with such wavering, doubting, despairing minds as the apostles possessed on the day of the crucifixion.

“What was it that suddenly changed these disciples to confident, fearless, heroic preachers of the gospel of Jesus Christ? It was the revelation that Christ had risen from the grave. His promises had been kept, his Messianic mission fulfilled……On the evidence of these unprejudiced, unexpectant, incredulous witnesses, faith in the resurrection has its impregnable foundation.”

David O. McKay

 “LIke the Apostles of old, this knowledge and belief should transform all of us to be confident,settled, unafraid, and at peace in our lives as followers of the divine Christ. It should help us carry all burdens, bear any sorrows, and also fully savor all joys and happiness that can be found in this life.”

-James E. Faust

It Is Finished

With my two biggest helpers away at scout camp this week, this episode was hard for me to find the time to complete. It was worth the struggle. I got completely caught up in wanting to understand and feeling compassion for Pilate. Listen as I share what I thought and felt as we studied about Jesus time spent in captivity and on the cross.

Quotes used in this episode

“As far as we know, Herod is distinguished as the only being who saw Christ face to face and spoke to him, yet never heard his voice. For penitent sinners, weeping women, prattling children, for the scribes, the Pharisees, the Sadducess, the rabbis, for the perjured high priest and his obsequious and insolent underling, and for Pilate the pagan, Christ had words–of comfort or instruction, of warning or rebuke, of protest or denunciation–yet for Herod the fox he had but disdainful and kingly silence.”

-James E. Talmage

“The cross was regarded as the most horrible and most degrading form of punishment, fit only for slaves. ‘It is an outrage for a Roman citizen to be bound; a crime for him to be scourged. It is almost parricide to have him put to death. What can I call have him crucified? No word can be found adequate to describe so monstrous a proceeding’”


“The Holy of Holies is now open to all and all, through the atoning blood of the Lamb, can now enter into the highest and holiest of all places…”

-Bruce R. McConkie

Not As I Will, But As Thou Wilt

The episode is short and sweet, but I learned so much this week.  Please combine this with the Easter episode “O Grave, Where is Thy Victory?” They are like peanut butter and chocolate, good on their own, but phenomenal when together. 

Quotes used in this episode

“Now is the time for each of us to work toward our personal conversion, toward becoming what our Heavenly Father desires us to become”

-Dallin H. Oaks

“What weight is thrown on the scales of pain when calculation the hurt of innumerable patients in countless hospitals? Now, add to that the loneliness of the elderly who are forgotten in the rest homes of society, desperately yearning for a card, a visit, a call–just some recognition from the outside world. Keep on adding the hurt of hungry children, the suffering caused by famine, drought, and pestilence. Pile on the heartache of parents who tearfully plead on a daily basis for a wayward son or daughter to come back home. Factor in the trauma of every divorce and the tragedy of every abortion. Add the remorse that comes with each child lost in the dawn of life, each spouse taken in the prime of marriage. Compound that with the misery of overflowing prisons, bulging halfway houses and institutions for the mentally disadvantaged. Multiply all this by century after century of history, and creation after creation without end. Such is but an awful glimpse of the Savior’s load. Who can bear such a burden or scale such a mountain as this? No one, absolutely no one, save Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of us all.”

-Tad R. Callister

“Though the Son’s request was denied, his prayer was answered. The scriptures records: “And there appeared an angel unto him from heaven, strengthening him’ Strengthened from heaven to do the will of the Father, the Savior fulfilled his mission”

-Dallin H. Oaks

“The simple dignity and gentle yet compelling force of Christ’s presence proved more potent than strong arms and weapons of violence”

-James E. Talmage

“As He began to feel the awful weight of the approaching Atonement, Jesus acknowledged, ‘For this cause came I into the world’ We too, came ‘into the world’ to pass through our particularized portions of the mortal experience. Even though our experiences do not even begin to approach our Master’s, nevertheless, to undergo this mortal experience is why we too are here! Purposefully pursuing this ‘cause’ brings ultimate meaning to our mortal lives”

-Neal A. Maxwell

Continue Ye in My Love

Somehow in this episode I start off talking about dirty feet and end up talking about eternal life. This picture is proof of my dirty sandal feet expertise.

Quotes used in this episode

“The Lord will accept that which is enough, with a good deal more pleasure and satisfaction than that which is too much and unnecessary.”

-Joseph F. Smith

“When Jesus gave His disciples a new commandment to ‘love one another; as I have loved you’ He gave to them the grand key to happiness in this life and glory in the next. “Love is the greatest of all the commandments-all others hang upon it. It is our focus as followers of the living Christ”

-Joseph B. Wirthlin

“So feeding the hungry, healing the sick, rebuking hypocrisy, pleading for faith–this was Christ showing us the way of the Father, He who is ‘merciful and gracious, slow to anger, long-suffering and full of goodness’ In His life and especially in His death, Christ was declaring , ‘This is God’s compassion I am showing you, as well as that of my own’”

-Jeffrey R. Holland

“How glorious it is to contemplate that we have been invited into that perfect unity that exists with the Father and the Son. How can this happen? Sure we will not be one with God and Christ until we make Their will and interest our greatest desire. Such submissiveness is not reached in a day, but through the Holy Spirit, the Lord will tutor us if we are willing until in process of time, it may accurately be said that He is in us as the Father is in Him. At times I tremble to consider what may be required, but I know that it is only in this perfect union that a fullness of joy can be found.”

-D. Todd Christofferson

“Come, but come to remain Come with conviction and endurance. Come permanently, for your sake and the sake of all the generations who must follow you… “Jesus said, ‘Without me ye can do nothing’ I testify that that is God’s truth. Christ is everything to us and we are to ‘abide’ in Him permanently, unyieldingly, steadfastly, forever. For the fruit of the gospel to blossom and bless our lives, we must be firmly attached to Him, the Savior of us all and to this His Church, which bears His holy name. He is the vine that is our true source of strength and the only source of eternal life.”

-Jeffrey R. Holland

“Father in Heaven knew that you would face challenges and be required to make some decisions that would be beyond your own ability to decide correctly. In His plan of happiness, He included a provision for you to receive help with such challenges and decisions during your mortal life. That assistance will come to you through the Holy Ghost as spiritual guidance.”

-Richard G. Scott

“To know God is to think what he thinks, to feel what he feels, to have the power he possesses, to comprehend the truths he understands, and to do what he does. Those who know God become like him, and have his kind of life, which is eternal life.”

-Bruce R. McConkie

“eternal life is not a name that has reference only to the unending duration of a future life; immortality is to live forever in the resurrected state, and by the grace of God all men will gain this unending continuance of life. But only those who obey the fulness of the gospel law will inherit eternal life.  It is the greatest of all the gifts of God for it is the kind, status, type and quality of life that God himself enjoys. Thus those who gain eternal life receive exaltation; they are sons of God, joint-heirs with Christ, members of the Church of the Firstborn; they overcome all things, have all power, and receive the fullness of the Father. They are gods.”

-Bruce R. McConkie

My apologies!

Sweet listener friends, there’s not going to be an episode this week. I’m sorry! With all the crazy that life brings I’ve gotten a little behind with my study/record/edit schedule. I’ve chosen to be kind to myself and just start fresh instead of trying to play catch up. Thank you for listening and supporting me, knowing so many are listening has really helped me open my heart to the scriptures and the teachings we find there. I look forward to sharing more of my thoughts and impressions with you next week!

Behold Thy King Cometh

Our journey through gospel progression can be boiled down to know, do, be. I discuss how this week’s Come Follow Me lesson got me thinking about that and how I can be better at living a Christlike life.

Quotes used in this episode

“Final Judgment is not just an evaluation of a sum total of good and evil acts what we have done. It is an acknowledgement of the final effect of our acts and thoughts–what we have become.”

-Dallin H. Oaks

“We might ask ourselves, “What attributes if understood by the child, would correct this behavior in the future? Being patient and forgiving when annoyed? Loving and being a peacemaker? Taking personal responsibility for one’s actions and not blaming? We will never have a greater opportunity to teach and show Christlike attributes to our children than in the way we discipline them.”

-Lynn G. Robbins

“Many of us create to do lists to remind us of things we want to accomplish. But people rarely have to be lists. Why? To dos are activities or events that can be checked off the list when done. To be, however, is never done. You can’t earn check marks with to bes.”

-Lynn G. Robbins

“Never let failure progress from an action to an identity”

-Lynn G. Robbins

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